Established in January 1995, the Population and Ecology Research Laboratory (PERL) is a social science research and training venture for Nepalese and U.S. students and scholars studying social and environmental science.

Recent Publications

Allendorf, Keera. 2017. "Conflict and Compatibility? Developmental Idealism and Gendered Differences in Marital Choice." Journal of Marriage and Family 79(2):337-55. DOI.

Sullivan, Abigail, Abigail M. York, Dave White, Sharon J. Hall, and Scott T. Yabiku. 2017. "De jure versus de facto institutions: trust, information, and collective efforts to manage the invasive mile-a-minute weed (Mikania micrantha)." International Journal of the Commons 11(1):171-199. DOI.

Sullivan, Abigail, Abigail M. York, Li An, Scott T. Yabiku, and Sharon J. Hall. 2017. "How Does Perception at Multiple Levels Influence Collective Action in the Commons? The Case of Mikania Micrantha in Chitwan, Nepal." Forest Policy and Economics 80:1-10. DOI.