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Developmental Idealism and Family and Population

Funder: Population Studies Center (PSC), University of Michigan. (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), National Institutes of Health.)

Investigators: Arland Thornton (PI), William Axinn, Dirgha Ghimire, Jennifer Barber

Period: 2002-2003

This is a pilot project including both training and research led by Arland Thornton. The research component of this project is a collaborative endeavor that will create and test research instruments for measuring developmental idealism, a concept developed by Thornton in his 2001 Population Association of America Presidential address. The pilot project will collect data from approximately 500 respondents and will evaluate the effectiveness and usefulness of the research protocols and data. The training component will provide Nepali students and collaborators information concerning developmental idealism and its relationship to family and population dynamics, knowledge of questionnaire design, and practice in translating theoretical concepts into questions for survey administration.